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10 Smart Nerd Design Riddles

Nerds are usually very clever and like to use riddles to communicate. Why not put those riddles on a shirt to show how smart you are:

No clue what all these items mean? Keep on reading and find out!

1.E 4 N E Thing

The correct version of this riddle is of course with a red-colored E like in the design image below. For the non-nerds of you, this translates into “Red E for n e Thing” = “Ready for anything”.

Ready for anything
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When to use it: Nerds are usually a bit cautious about jumping right into something new and unfamiliar. Put on this design if you are expecting a new situation like joining everyone for a cold beer at the beach. Then if you feel good about it just point to your shirt and say: “Of course I’m in” like there never was any doubt in your mind when you woke up. Otherwise, just find an excuse, most likely the non-nerds will not be able to read your outfit. Unfortunately, this works once.

2.Apple Pie

A classic riddle, nearly any English word that contains pi has been written with the Greek letter π.

Apple Pie
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When to use it: This is a nice outfit when you meet a friend for an afternoon coffee or even lunch should be easy to decrypt even for non-nerds.


This riddle is difficult to understand for non-computer experts. Especially the middle part which uses operates used in math and programming. || means or and ! is used to negate things like in false=!true. So this riddle says “to be or not to be”, hence the book-writing utensils.

to be or not to be
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When to use it: This is a great design for a casual date. If you are not meeting with fellow computer-nerd it is probably not going to be decoded. This gives you the chance to show off your computer or literature skills at any time during the conversation.

4. March 14, 2015 – 9:26:53

I think this riddle is hard to solve even for your nerdy friends if you don’t look at it the right way. To make it short, it’s just another π riddle. Translate March to 3. (month) 14th of the year (20)15 and remove the punctuation from the time and you will get 3.141592653 which is Pi.

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When to use it: This is something to wear when you meet with your nerdy friends or to impress your math teacher.

5.Va ders

When I saw this I immediately thought of some kind of Star Wars riddle and though this has to do with space it is not from the famous franchise. If you look closely you can see that there is a space in between the two word fragments so translated we get Space in va ders = Space Invaders. (Which is an old retro computer game in case you don’t know)

Space Invaders
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When to use it: I like to wear this on all kinds of occasions. Besides the riddle, I think it is a nice looking space outfit.


In terms of a solution, this is a similar design to the previous one. The word deep is embedded inside of tho and ought which results in deep in thoughts.

Deep in thought
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When to use it: As the picture shows this is a great outfit for your Yoga or Pilates class.


This is a clever design for chemistry nerds. The “word” starts with an H and ends with an O. In between are the other letter of the alphabet so it goes from H to O or H2O which is water.

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When to use it: You can wear this to school to impress your chemistry teacher.


If somebody asks you what your shirt is supposed to mean when you are wearing this you can reply “Obviously we are not”. C (see) I (eye) and 2 times I (eye) results in “See eye to eye”.

See eye to eye
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When to use it: This is another great everyday design to show off your nerd superpowers (or not) because it could also easily be a new TV show or company name so you can reveal it if you want to but probably no one will ask.


Another tough one, I admit I couldn’t solve it when I first saw it. Once you rearrange the letter you will get metaphor so the total phrase results to “Mixed Metaphor”.

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When to use it: This is again an outfit to wear when going to your next nerd meeting. Even the super-smart will need some time to figure this out.

10.  Long Time no See

The previous one was quite tough so to finish this list the last one is relatively easy. When you look at the word time it is quite stretched or in other words long. So you get “Long time” and once you figured that out you can guess it already. The second part is the alphabet with a missing (or no) C. So the final phrase is, you guessed it: Long time no see.

Long Time no See
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When to use it: Though in my opinion this also makes a nice everyday outfit it is especially useful when you meet an old friend which you haven’t seen in a while.

Well, that’s it, 10 nerdy riddle designs to spice up your nerdlife. If you liked this list take a look at some other 10 great outfit lists below. Stay nerdy!

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